Our core mission is to continue changing the course of the telecom market.

We believe in innovative outside-the-box thinking.
The end result is beautifully designed, user-friendly products of the highest standards that lead telecom innovation.


Our partners

Traditional and mobile network operators

ITSP’s (Internet telephony service providers)

ISP’s (Internet service providers)

IT outsourcing companies

IT wholesale companies

Cloud computing companies

Benefits for partners

UniQue™ solutions in business

Assists in lead generation
Influences cost reduction
Simplifies communications
Provides easy-to-use communication management tools
Enables location-independent services
Global services enable SME’s to be presented as international companies

Over the Top Solution

We provide a truly innovative next-generation phone app with a unique drag-to-call user interface (UI). The app is specifically designed to be the only phone app that you will ever need.

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Voice Traffic Services

We provide premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers.

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Virtual Phone System

A revolutionary, full-featured, cloud-based virtual phone system. Revolutionary user interface is the result of years of research and development and it is an interplay of hardware and software.

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Benefits for end-users

  • No special skills or training are required

  • Feature rich and user-friendly solutions

  • In the event of an Internet failure or a major disruption, UniQue™ solutions will keeping your business communications running

  • Easy access to features

  • Integration with CRM software

  • Fully scalable solutions

  • Phone system and apps are quickly and easily configured via a unique web interface

  • Simple management from anywhere in the world, wherever there is Internet access

  • Extremely competitive rates

  • Unification of office and mobile phones into a single wireless network with free calls within

  • Location independence without roaming

  • Unification of office and mobile phones into a single wireless network with free internal calls

  • Lead generation by being closer to the potential customers, using international phone numbers

Benefits for partners

Higher revenue stream. User-friendly interface creates a significantly advantageous sales position.

Lower operational costs of the support and customer care departments.

Use your existing infrastructure & resources.

No network infrastructure development costs.

Tangible benefits for customers.

Stand out in the market.

Increase customer loyalty.

Quick time to market.

Lower churn.

For investors

Our current strategy is to open new markets around the world for our innovative and visionary telecom products. We are actively seeking new investments and partnerships with dynamic individuals and companies who wish to participate in this venture and assist us in building our global presence.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any proposals you might have in mind.

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